So, you didn’t bother to read it…

It seems someone gave you a link to my Bible study which proves Scripture teaches that everyone will eventually experience at least one form of salvation. But for some reason, it appears you didn’t bother to read it.

No doubt you assume you know the Bible so well that you can’t possibly be wrong about your assumption that it doesn’t teach actually that. You’re probably thinking about passages talking about the “undying” worm, or “everlasting” punishment, or the smoke of their torment which ascendeth up “for ever and ever,” believing that there’s no way everyone can be saved with those passages in Scripture. What you likely weren’t aware of is that I both believe and agree with those passages (just as I do all passages of Scripture), and that if you’d actually taken the time to read the Bible study in question you’d soon discover that those passages are not only talking about something else entirely from what you’ve always assumed they are (you see, the study actually goes over every single passage in the Bible related to the topic and explains why they don’t actually support never-ending punishment at all, when read in context and when one takes Scripture as a whole into consideration), but that the words “everlasting,” “eternal,” and “for ever” in the Bible almost never literally mean “never ending” or “without end” either (as also proven in that study, as well as in this shorter one here: How long does “for ever” last?).

So, if you want another opportunity to learn why Scripture really does teach the salvation of all humanity, here you go: What the Bible really says about heaven, hell, judgement, death, evil, sin, and salvation

But if you’re still so proud of your Bible knowledge that you just don’t see how you could be wrong about this, well, that’s between you and God. But just remember, while everyone will experience salvation on the New Earth by the end of the ages, there’s still a hell in the meantime, and Scripture teaches that only those who believe in the salvation of all can go to heaven, as also demonstrated in that Bible study, so you’re risking a lot if you pass this opportunity up again. But hey, you’re just too good at scriptural interpretation, so there’s no reason to even bother considering the possibility that you might be unaware of what those passages actually mean, or that there’s any way you could ever misinterpret the Bible, right?